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Runners To Watch For: Levi's Hope

The 2017 race weekend marks our 6th year! This event presents our grand cities with a wonderful opportunity to annually raise funds for youth athletes and positively impact our community. In 2016 alone, we received over $30,000 in donations to our community and had an estimated economic impact of $212,500.

None of this would be possible without all the amazing, inspirational individuals that participate in the event. It all comes down to face we see out there come race morning – be it running, volunteering, or cheering!

Who are some of the particularly inspiring runners to scope out on the course? One of the favorite crews that we love to see is Levi’s Hope!

Levi and Kyle

Levi’s Hope is a non-profit organization that began as a way to help support Levi Gagner, a local 3-year-old who has LCMD (Lamin A/C or LMNA related Congenital Muscular Dystrophy). It has now grown into a foundation that helps families adjust to the life-changing CMD diagnosis, and acts as a platform to promote the message of hope and to inspire people around the world by running events.

Inspiring While Attempting a World Record

Each year we see the unstoppable cheering crew from Levi’s Hope encouraging runners and spreading smiles for miles. What’s even more exciting than seeing Levi and his posse on the course? Watching Levi’s running pal, Bill Crosby, attempt to break a Guinness Book World Record in his honor for fastest half marathon run in a full football uniform!

Bill will be hard to miss out there on race morning, adorned from head to toe in a NDSU football uniform – Levi’s favorite team. Watch the video to learn more, and get out on the course race weekend to cheer them on!


The 2015 Wild Hog Half Marathon was Levi’s first race along with his father Kyle, they’ve been taking to our local streets ever since to run and inspire hope in others along the way. What is Levi’s favorite part of participating in the event? “The cheering crowds and unwavering support of the community,” said dad Kyle Gagner.

Levi's Hope Arch

On the last mile stretch of the course, the organization will have their Levi’s Hope Arch Way (see it in action) up to encourage, cheer, and inspire hope in every runner on the last leg of the race. All are welcome to join their crew in blue and help inspire everyone crossing that finish line!

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